Southern Oregon Cannabis

We have been growing in the famous Rogue Valley terroir since the mid 1970s. Our dad pioneered this land and grew the finest flower. Today we continue our legacy in the Rogue Appellation and apply his philosophy by respecting and nurturing the land that provides this beautiful herb.

The end result is superior Sun-grown Southern Oregon cannabis for you to enjoy.


Roganja Southern Oregon Cannabis Flower Bouquet


Genetics, meticulous pheno selection, and proven farming process, yield Southern Oregon’s finest sun-grown cannabis.

Roganja Southern Oregon Cannabis Terpedos Prerolls


We carefully select our dankest flower, hand trim, and roll just right for your puffing enjoyment. And as always, no trim.

Roganja Southern Oregon Cannabis Durban Elfstone Extract Cartridges

Electric terpedos

Our Live Resin cartridges deliver that oh-so tasty pull you can only get from our own cannabis derived terpene blends.

Roganja Southern Oregon Cannabis Elftstone Shatter Extract


A hand selected portion of our premium flower carefully processed by one of Oregon’s premier extraction labs.

Enjoy Responsibly

Grown outdoors and best enjoyed outdoors. 

Hand Trimmed Southern Oregon Cannabis

Hand touched from beginning to end, our crew is part of the entire process from sowing, nurturing, cultivating, and trimming.


Our most recent Southern Oregon Cannabis Labs

Chem Glue GLLCOA_G4B0270-03

Our Southern Oregon Cannabis lab testing services are provided by Green Leaf Lab. To view similar cultivars, visit our Hybrid Strains page, or visit our Home page. [pdfjs-viewer url=""...

Massive Punch GLLCOA_G4B0270-02

Our Southern Oregon Cannabis lab testing services are provided by Green Leaf Lab. To view similar cultivars, visit our Indica Dominant Strains page, or visit our Home page. [pdfjs-viewer...


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We are an Oregon Licensed Marijuana Producer. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children. For more information about what’s legal in the state of Oregon, please visit:


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